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LA Times: Why do Asians outperform Hispanics? News Team

The braindead editorial staff at the LA Times actually printed this headline in their paper. “Why do Asian students generally get higher marks than Latinos?”

The paper admits that their is a large “achievement gap” with Caucasian and Asian people on the high side, and Hispanic/Mestizos and Negroes on the low side. Then the paper pretends like the reason is some great mystery that we must seek out and correct. The writer actually admits that many students of different races recognize and accept that the races perform differently. However, the LA Times piece reassures us over and over that it must be cultural and not a racial difference.

For bleeding heart cultural Marxists have always held that Negroes and Mestizos performed poorly because they were poor. Now they are looking at huge numbers of equally poor Asian immigrants who get high grades in school.

From LA Times…

The eight students walked into a room at Lincoln High School prepared to discuss an issue many people, including some of their teachers, considered taboo.

They were blunt. Carlos Garcia, 17, an A student with a knack for math, said, “My friends, most of them say, ‘You’re more Asian than Hispanic.’ ”

“I think Carlos is Asian at heart,” said Julie Loc, 17, causing Carlos to laugh good-naturedly. Asian students who get middling grades often get another response, she said.

“They say, ‘Are you really Asian?’ ” Julie said.

“It’s sad but true,” said Eliseo Garcia, a 17-year-old with long rocker hair, an easy manner and good grades. “I had an Asian friend, but he didn’t necessarily get that great a grades. We used to say, ‘He’s Mexican at heart.’ “

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