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Miami blacks slaughtering each other. News Team

Since birthrates in the US are down and average life spans are up, the percentage of young people compared the population as a whole is down. Therefore, when you hear the constant cry that “crime is down.” It is only because the most crime-prone age group is a smaller percentage of the population.

This can be deceiving however, as the Miami Herald admits that the number of homicides committed by blacks under 24 has been growing.

June 13th. A black teenager, Jai Malik Wiggins, 16, opens fire at a black graduation “block party” in Miami. He kills one person and injures five others. This is no anomaly. 76 blacks were killed in homicides last year, and 50 have been killed in the first half of 2008. The killers are almost always black themselves. Nationwide 94% of all black murder victims are killed by blacks.

From Miami Herald…

‘We have law enforcement, homicide working so hard to put the pieces together to bring them into the system,” she said. “We have the corrections department that keeps them incarcerated. But for some reason they have a revolving door that they get out when they come in here. And I can’t quite understand it.”

She and the other parents were particularly concerned that day: Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to a deal in which the suspect in Anthony White’s slaying, Jason Robert Hall, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. In return, Hall was sentenced to the time he had already served in jail, 4 ½ years.

Anthony was shot when he opened the door of the family’s small duplex in Little Haiti. A group of men entered the house and demanded money and ”dope.” White told authorities she gave one of the men $760 from a jacket she wore the day before and a small container of marijuana stored on a kitchen shelf.

Hall confessed to being the shooter, but he said the gun fired accidentally. He was just 14 at the time and was charged with second-degree murder. He later recanted his statement to police, claiming he was coerced. In time, prosecutors became convinced that evidence in the case was compromised — and that winning a ”guilty” verdict was unlikely.

Hall was released after the hearing. White was enraged.

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Meanwhile a bizarre black supremacist organization, International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, plans to lead a protest over the self-defense shooting of a black thug by police. Javon Dawson opened fired at a black graduation party (remember one person was killed and five injured at another graduation party). An office drew his gun on Javon and was forced to kill him in self-defense when Javon would not back down.

Had the white police officer not put his own life on the line to protect the party goers, more young blacks would probably be dead or maimed by gunshots.

You would think that the black community would be thanking this police officer. Instead they want him prosecuted with a crime.