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Multitude of "Pro-White Blogs" taking over "blogosphere." News Team

What was once the sole domain of the far-left, has become a battleground for the far-right in recent months. Internet “blogs” expressive an explicit “pro-white” point of view are popping up everywhere. Whereas, a few years ago the anti-white, far-left “lovemongers” had a lock on the “blogosphere,” you are now just as likely to find people attacking multi-culturalism and political correctness.


Lee in the Mountains.

Majority Rights.

Spirit Water Blood.

Southern Liberation News.

Cantankerous Old White Guy.

Spartan Spectator.

There are hundreds more and new ones popping up every week.

I might also note that and many of the chapter websites are now part of the “blogosphere” as well.

Note: Links do not constitute an official endorsement by the CofCC.