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NAACP: Obama victory will not stop our campaign of victimhood. News Team

NAACP president vows to keep up race hustle even if Obama wins.
(by Kyle Rogers)

Photo Right: NAACP march in Columbia, SC.

NAACP President vowed to continue his campaign of victimhood, race hustling, and blaming white people for black shortcomings even if Obama wins.

From Huffington Post…

Julian Bond, a veteran civil rights leader, said Obama’s candidacy doesn’t “herald a post-civil rights America, any more than his victory in November will mean that race as an issue has been vanquished in America.”

“We know that Obama’s electoral success _ even if he should win the ultimate prize _ won’t signal an end to racial discrimination, but it does mark the high point of an interracial movement that dates back to the Underground Railroad,” Bond said, referring to Cincinnati’s historical role in helping fleeing slaves reach freedom.

(Actually Cincinnati, Ohio once required Negroes to post a bond, guaranteeing good behavior, and provide proof of employment just to live in Cincinnati. Effectively blocking blacks from living in Cincinnati after a 1829 race riot until the Civil War.)

Julian Bond wants everyone to know that the NAACP will remain dedicated to race hustling and shaking down white owned companies no matter what happens in the presidential election. This should be a real wake up call for white people everywhere.

If you think there is some point at which the NAACP race hustlers will stop claiming victimhood and say “ok, were can all play nice now,” you are sadly mistaken.

The NAACP will continue agitating, blaming white peoples, demanding money, and advocating for black criminals for the indefinite future. No election is going to keep them from their lucrative race hustle.