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"Non-partisan," tax exempt, taxpayer supporter NCLA endorses Obama.

From Judicial Watch

Although the nation’s largest Latino advocacy organization is a nonprofit that must remain nonpartisan because it gets millions of U.S. federal grant dollars, the group’s president helped lead a Barack Obama pep rally over the weekend during an annual conference in a California city close to the Mexican border.

The extremist Mexican group National Council of La Raza clearly endorses Barack Obama, which is why La Raza President Janet Murguia stood by as Los Angeles’ renowned Chicano mayor (Antonio Villaraigosa) praised the Illinois senator during the group’s annual convention in San Diego. A former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, Villaraigosa assured the crowd of thousands that Obama is Latinos’ best hope for reforming the nation’s federal immigration policies.

Villaraigosa took the opportunity to further pump up Obama, telling the crowd at the so-called nonpartisan convention that 12 million illegal immigrants can be brought “out of the shadows and into the light and onto the tax rolls by electing Barack Obama.”

If that’s not an endorsement, then what is? The Obama pep rally is sure to continue through the end of the La Raza convention sometime today. Such political endorsements are prohibited by nonprofits in the United States, especially the ones that benefit from millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars like this group.

As it is, Americans should be outraged that their tax dollars are going to an extremist Mexican group that advocates open borders and organized many of the country’s disruptive pro illegal immigration marches last year. The National Council of La Raza caters to the radical Chicano movement that says California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas belong to Aztlan.

The takeover plan is referred to as the “reconquista” of the Western U.S. and it features ethnic cleansing of Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians once the area is taken back and converted to Aztlan. While this may all sound a bit crazy, this organization is quite powerful and its leaders regularly attend congressional hearings regarding immigration.

A few months ago the group got a $15 million federal earmark to counsel Hispanics about housing in addition to $1.3 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to conduct “comprehensive” housing counseling for Hispanics, whether they are in the country legally or not. La Raza also uses U.S. tax dollars to fund projects like a Southern California elementary school with a curriculum that specializes in bashing America and promoting the Chicano movement.