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Ocala, FL newspaper agitates against local Confederate Monument. News Team

Confederate Monument under attack by local paper. Two County Commissioners standing up for the Monument.


The American South is the best place in the world. We’ve got the best fried chicken, the best fishing, the friendliest folks.

We’re a God-fearing people — slow-talking but quick-thinking.

“How’s ya mama?” That’s a Southern greeting and a sure sign we have our priorities in order.

We have an old problem, too. People all over the country know it, and they’ll tell us about it as if the North and West didn’t have the same problem.

And being God-fearing people we know it all comes down to not listening — we have been told to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

That means being one people, brothers and sisters. This is our community and “our” means everybody.

I’m bringing all this up because this Southern county — well seasoned with Northerners in pastel shorts — is facing a decision.

The way things look, the county may have to temporarily remove the Confederate statue — that granite-jawed reminder of the Old South — when it adds to the courthouse.

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