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Old Race Hustler Jealous of the New Race Hustler. News Team

Jesse Jackson on Obama, “I want to cut his nuts off.”

(by Kyle Rogers)

Jesse Jackson has been angry for decades that he has never been elevated to MLK-Sainthood status. During the “civil rights movement,” Jesse was MLK’s big afro, flashy jewelry, fist pumping, black power sidekick.

In 1988 Jackson thought that he could achieve that long sought after sainthood by running for president.

But now Jesse Jackson is washed up, and his dreams of media sainthood have never materialized. Now Obama is the new saint, heralded as the second coming of MLK by the media. Jackson and other race hustlers like him are pushed to the sidelines.

While Jackson is officially an Obama supporter, he went on an anti-Obama tirade not knowing that he was being recorded.

Lou Dobbs on Jackson and Obama
[youtube F0wz2NmKg2A]