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Perps in racially motivated murder express no remorse. News Team

Black thugs admit racial motive in brutal murders. Show no remorse.

by James Edwards

A few weeks back, two diversities shot and killed two young white men outside their Christian recording studio in Garland, Texas, for $2 and a 13 year old car. Both diversities have admitted the killings in jailhouse interviews. One said they targeted Garland “because that’s where all the rich white people stay at.” When asked what he would like to say to the families of the men he killed, he replied “F— ‘em. Straight up.”

Two teens charged with murdering two men outside a Christian music studio in Garland on Thursday admitted to killing and robbing Matthew Butler and Stephen Swan.

The suspects’ jailhouse interviews on Monday revealed shocking details of the crime and included cussing aimed directly at the victims’ families.

James Broadnax and his cousin Demarius Cummings are each charged with capital murder.

Broadnax on Monday said he and Cummings smoked marijuana and took a bus to Garland in order to commit a robbery.

“One of the best spots is Garland because that’s where all the rich, white people stay at,” Broadnax said.

The 19-year-old said he and Cummings spotted the victims outside the Zion Gate recording studio and approached them, asking for a cigarette before opening fire and taking off in the victims’ car.

“I had this little pistol or whatever … shot they bitch head. Popped in their s— and rolled up,” he said.

Broadnax said his life has been hell and that he did not regret the killings. In fact, he cussed the victims’ families.

“F— them. Straight up,” he said before breaking down in tears and abruptly ending his interview.

You can watch the unexpurgated video here. (Much of it will be unintelligible if you don’t speak Ebonics.)

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