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Post-Nader Green Party nominates Black Power duo. News Team

Green Party to run female Black Power duo for President and Vice President.

The extreme left-wing Green Party, has nominated disgraced former Rep. Cynthia McKinney as it’s nominee for President. “Hip Hop Artist” Rosa Clemente will be her running mate.

Ralph Nader came in second place, even though he wasn’t even running. (Nader has bolted from the openly pro-Communist Green Party, in favor of starting his own new watered down version to be called the Independent Party.)

Cynthia McKinney was a US Rep for a black district in Georgia. She lost her primary run-off in 2006 after punching a white Capitol Hill Police officer.

In 2004 Cynthia McKinney claimed the Democratic Party was run by “rich, white boys” who wanted to “keep her at the back of the bus.” In 2004 she accused Al Gore of having a “low Negro tolerance level.”

Cynthia McKinney ran for the Green Party nomination on a campaign of reparations for slavery, and other far left causes.