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Racial minorities in massive gun battle in Lisbon. News Team

Heavily armed Gypsies, North African Muslims, and Sub-Saharan Muslims are battling in the streets of Portugal’s capital city. Portugal is another “gun free” nation with lots of 3rd World immigrants. Notice how the Portuguese media calls them “youths.” Throughout Europe and North America, “youths” seems to be media code for “violent minorities.”

[youtube LZiqe9h4KgU]


Two rival gangs in the neighborhood of Quenta da Fonte in Lourdes, Portugal… The newsman said that the gangs have done this before in this neighborhood. The police cordoned off the area in order to control the area & for the paramedics to be able to enter.

This report shows two shootouts. Also, these were really short range shootouts, from the looks of it.

The newsman said there had been one arrest, but the text on the YouTube says there were two detained. Two males, aged 24-25 bearing automatic pistols 9mm and 7.5mm and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

The previous evening a dispute between neighbors became an all-out fight leaving nine wounded.

The shootouts are very “sporadic”.

This neighborhood houses some 2,500 people of varying ethnicities who were relocated there after their old neighborhoods were torn down for the road access to Expo 98.

Most of the residents are socially & economically disadvantaged & on welfare. The neighbohood has frequent muggings robberies and businesses are broken into often por parte de jovens (by youths).

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