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Ralph Nader Embraces Hawaiian Native Separatism. News Team

Ralph Nader says he will not be running in Hawaii on the Green Party. Instead he has announced the formation of a new pro-Hawaiian Native Separatist Party called “The Independent Party of Hawaii.”

Nader held a rally at the University of Honolulu with 200 students to announce his support for the Akaka Bill and Hawaiin Native Rights.

The Akaka Bill was introduced by Hawaiin Native Sen. Akaka. Forms of the current bill have been in Congress since 2000.

Under the Akaka Bill:

  1. Hawaiin Natives will be re-classified as “Native Americans”
  2. Would transform up to 40% of Hawaii, including urban areas, into semi-autonomous “Indian Reservations.”
  3. Allow for tax-free “tribal businesses” to operate in the semi-autonomous regions.
  4. Allow Hawaiin Natives to use state services without paying taxes to support them.
  5. Allow Hawaiin Natives to ignore current zoning laws.
  6. Allow Hawaiin Natives to charge other races a toll to use roads on “tribal land.”
  7. Restrict conventional law enforcement from operating in “tribal lands.”
  8. Allow Hawaiin Natives to regulate all beaches and utilities on “tribal lands.”
  9. Allows for unlimited campaign contributions from “tribal” authorities.
  10. Establishes groundwork for “Indian Casinos” on “tribal lands.”

The Akaka bill would create a Socialist Racial-Nationalist state within a state in Hawaii for Hawaiin Natives, which Caucasians, Asians, and others who also live in Hawaii would be subsidizing with their tax dollars.