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Salt Lake City gutted by white flight? News Team

The LDS faithful are leaving the center of Mormonism for the suburbs. LDS churches are closing down for lack of members. The Salt Lake City Tribune calls it part of a national trend, but then hints at the real reason.

Salt Lake City Tribune…

People want bigger homes and can get more for their money farther from downtowns. Plus, they tend to collect next to those they are comfortable with, Perlich says. That helps explain why Mormons are moving away, while single people, non-Mormons, out-of-staters and ethnic minorities are buying the homes closest to the city. Those Mormons who remain in these older neighborhoods tend to be more open to diversity, less threatened by it.

“You cannot underestimate the impact of the University [of Utah] on the demographic composition of this city,” Perlich says.

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