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Savage rapist/murderer to be freed. News Team

Jermaine Wright is a brutal animal convicted of raping, sodomizing, and then killing a beautiful 15 year old girl in 1995.

Now our judicial system is already letting him go free, against the advice of local police, so he can do it again. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 25 years in 1999. Then in 2001, his original conviction was thrown out over an alleged “technicality.” To avoid a second trial a plea deal was made in which he would only be sentenced to 30 years with credit for time served, and 15 years suspended.

He didn’t even have to do 15. He is being released after spending a total of 11.5 years behind bars.

From Maryland News…

Sgt. Mike McDermott of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, who worked with state police in 1995 on the Ruggles case, said, “The guy scares me, he really does. He’s a guy who, based on past behavior, bears watching.”

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis says they will keep an eye on Wright. Lewis said, “He (Wright) better be walking a fine line. I mean that. We will except no excuses”. Neither will Krista’s family they say it’s only a matter of time before Wright is back in the system. Larry Ruggles says, “There’s too many loopholes in the system. It keeps people like him (Wright) falling through the cracks… this is going to happen again”.

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