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Seattle: Black community rallies to defend thug who killed elderly white man. News Team

Paroline, a 60 year old man, was landscaping a median in a city intersection. Three blacks girls approached him and became hostile. A video camera shows the girls pelting him with a jug. The three girls then went to get Brown, who has a criminal record.

Brown allegedly killed Paroline with a single powerful punch to the head.

Now the local black community is rallying to the defense of this vicious criminal and blaming Paroline, the victim.

The Seattle Times…

“He said he’d gotten into a fight and knocked a man out,” Battiste said. “He asked [Paroline] why was he picking on teenage girls, and why doesn’t he fight a man?”

Charging papers said it appeared Paroline was not attempting to defend himself when confronted by Brown. “Paroline’s hands were at his side at the time the punch was delivered, and he was not in an offensive or defensive stance,” according to charging papers.

Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said there is no evidence that the three teenage girls were assaulted by Paroline. The girls, whose identities haven’t been released by police, were questioned and released.

Battiste acknowledges Brown’s prior convictions for assault and obstructing a law-enforcement officer but says that in many of those cases he was defending someone else. She said he tried to avoid violence.

Brown pleaded guilty to assault in 2005 and was sentenced to four months in jail after he attacked a woman in her Renton apartment. The victim said Brown choked and head-butted her after Brown and his girlfriend showed up at the woman’s apartment, according to court charging papers. He also has been convicted of drug possession, theft and criminal trespassing.

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