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Self-proclaimed "Golden Child" sues government agency for discrimination. News Team

This news story goes hand in hand with the Opie & Anthony audio we just posted. White employers must live in constant fear of being sued by black applicants or employees, so more often than not blacks are hired or promoted ahead of more qualified whites.


An Ocala woman who is alleging she was passed over for a promotion in the Department of Children and Families because she is black told jurors Thursday in federal court that she was considered her district’s “golden child.”

On the first day of her civil trial at the Golden-Collum Memorial Federal Building, Cynthia K. Ausby, 60, said she was more than qualified for the four positions she had unsuccessfully sought to fill in 2004 with District 13 of the state social services agency.

“I was the golden child in the district. I was revered in the district,” she said from the witness stand.

District 13 includes the counties of Marion, Lake, Hernando, Sumter and Citrus.

Ausby is suing DCF on the grounds of racial discrimination and seeks economic damages in the neighborhood of $20,000 and compensatory damages for emotional pain and suffering in excess of $100,000, according to her lawyer, Edward R. Gay.

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