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Slavery still thrives, and still brutal in Africa. News Team

Slavery still exists in Africa, and it’s as brutal as ever. Note: The people referred to as “Arab” in the Denver Post, as primarily of Negro background. Having only small amounts of “Arab” background.

From Denver Post…

When the abolitionists arrived, each of the 106 slaves were asked a series of questions, starting with: When were you taken into captivity? What was your master’s name? Did you have family?

Each story was horrific. They were beaten, burned, stabbed, hit with farming tools, starved and humiliated.

Michael was one of the first slaves to tell his tale. His eyes were red, fatigue showed on his weathered face. Scars marked the places where wounds from beatings have never healed. He said his wife was stabbed to death by their master’s wives, four Arab women who were angry she was at the water well with them. Michael was beaten unconscious because he charged his master when he heard the news of his wife’s death.

Some of the men had been in captivity for more than 20 years, captured by the Janjaweed (Arab for “Devil on Horseback”) and Arab slave raiders during the so-called civil war.

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