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SPLC & ADL launching new attacks on CofCC & Political Cesspool on a regular basis. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a 25 million per year fund raising hustle led by a former chief fund raiser for Sen. Ted Kennedy, Morris “The Sleaze” Dees. The Anti-Defamation League is a 50+ million a year fund raising hustle which claims it’s legal work to get a Supreme Court ban on prayer in school is it’s “greatest accomplishment.”

These organizations need “enemies” they can point to to keep people mailing them checks every year.

The CofCC and the Political Cesspool radio show, must be doing something right because we are their favorite targets. The SPLC publishes it’s free “Intelligence Report” every four months. Every single issue for about the past several years has attacked the CofCC.

Usually articles read like “the racist hatemonging haters at the CofCC had a racist hate conference to talk about hate, because they are racist haters. Hate, hate, racism, hate, hate.”

Attacks on the Political Cesspool radio show are becoming more vicious than ever. This is because the show has attracted big name guests like a US Congressman, State Senators, bestselling authors, a multitude of Ph.D. holders who are experts in various fields, and even the leaders of the largest political party in Flanders (Northern 60% of Belgium).

So to all CofCC activists and the staff of the Political Cesspool, I say congratulations. We have become the #1 target of the multi-millionaire professional fund raising wing of the far-left!