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The "McPledge"

Nevada CofCC

The Nevada CofCC has passed a resolution endorsing the “McPledge” and encouraging CofCC supporters around the country to promote it. Originated by Las Vegas activist Tom Townsend, the McPledge is as follows: “No amnesty or legal status for the tens of millions of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. during a McCain administration.”

If the two-party monopoly is to prevail again, as appears likely, the McPledge is a way of holding the Republican Party’s feet to the fire on the immigration issue should John McCain prevail in November. Republicans remember well what happened to George Bush Sr.’s re-election bid after he violated his “no new taxes” pledge.

Making conservative local and national talk show hosts aware of the McPledge is just one way of many to pressure John McCain to take the McPledge and thus boost the conservative cause in an important way when it comes to immigration control.