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The New Yorker: Too smart by a half. News Team

The New Yorker, a left-wing publication, sought to marginalize criticism of Obama with this cover. Instead they have hit a nerve with the Obama campaign and Obama supports. The so-called “satire” of how right-wings view Obama hits to close too reality for comfort!

A column on Huffington Post laments that the cover gives the Council of Conservative Citizens ammunition!

From Huffington Post

“Organizations connected to the Republican Party, like the Council of Conservative Citizens, could make good use of it.”

Thanks for the plug Huffington Post!

Pat Buchanan wrote an excellent column on the cover. Titled “The Untouchables.”

Indeed, to a goodly slice of the media, this cartoon is no joking matter. Michelle and Barack had been dissed!

For 48 hours, editors Rick Hertzberg and David Remnick fended off attacks, assuring media interrogators the cartoon’s purpose was not to satirize the Obamas but to satirize the caricature of Michelle and Barack in the mind of the paranoid right. Remnick insisted to The Huffington Post, “It’s not a satire about Obama—it’s a satire about the distortions and misconceptions and prejudices about Obama.”

Why did progressives recoil? Because the more savvy among them sense that, like much humor, this cartoon was an exaggeration that contained no small kernel of recognizable truth.

After all, Barack did dump the flag pin. Michelle did say she had never been proud of her country before now. Barack did don that Ali Baba outfit in Somalia. His father and stepfather were Muslims. He does have a benefactor, Bill Ayers, who said after 9-11 he regrets not planting more bombs in the 1960s. He did have a pastor who lionizes Black Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan. Put glasses on him, and Barack could play Malcolm X in the movies.

And assume the point of the cartoon had been to satirize the Obamas. Why would that have been so outrageous?

Journalists, after all, still celebrate Herblock, the cartoonist who portrayed Richard Nixon with the body of a rat climbing out of a sewer.

Bill Clinton is still denounced as a racist for saying Barack’s claim to have been consistent on Iraq was a “fairy tale” and for comparing his South Carolina primary victory to Jesse Jackson’s.

Hillary Clinton has been compared to the sex-starved Glenn Close character in “Fatal Attraction.” George Bush’s verbal gaffes are endlessly panned by late-night comics and Comedy Central. But Barack gets the special-ed treatment. Our first affirmative action candidate.

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