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Spark Network teams up with to promote interracial marriage. News Team

This updated column contains corrections.

Hypocrisy runs deep in Miscegenation ad campaign on!

(by Kyle Rogers)

The social networking website is extremely popular people in their teens and 20’s, especially girls. Lately the website has been plastered with photographs of white women embracing black men. They are accompanied with slogans like “say goodbye to being shy.” Every single imagine is white female with black male, no other match ups are depicted.

What makes this the extremely hypocritical on the part of is that for years they have censored right-wing and pro-Confederate flag viewpoints on the website. Myspace let’s users start groups to hold online discussions. Multitudes of groups centered around the Confederate flag and other conservative causes have been deleted by the myspace staff. Groups promoting every kind of left-wing and homosexual cause are allowed to thrive on the website.

If I owned a dating website exclusively for white Christians, would even let me buy ad space?

I initially reported that two Israel citizens living in the US, Joe Shapira and Alon Carmel, ran the interracial dating website and ad campaign. I said their actions were hypocritical because Shapira and Carmel also run JDate, a Jewish only dating site, and were supporters WAIPAC, a pro-Israel PAC.

I have been contacted by Joe Shapira, who says he is a co-founder of JDate, but left the company before the interracial dating site was launched.

I confirmed that Joe Shapira resigned as CEO Spark Network, the parent company that owns the above listed websites, in March 2004. The creation of the interracial dating site and the start of ads promoting interracial dating on myspace does appear to be something that was initiated after Shapira left the company.

JDate and the interracial dating site are both owned by Spark Network. According to the Spark Network website, the Chairman & CEO is Adam Berger. The Spark Network website states; “Foreseeing the potential impact of the Internet on the personals industry, the precursor of Spark Networks established itself in 1997 with the introduction of JDate®, now the leading online personals website amongst Jewish singles.”

The Spark Network website seems to indicate that JDate is their flagship operation. Spark Network has offices in the US, Israel, and the UK. They are a publicaly traded company. AMEX : LOV

The management team of Spark Networks is listed as Chairman & CEO Adam Berger, President & Chief Operating Officer Greg Liberman, Chief Information Officer Greg Franchina, Corporate Secretary Josh Kreinberg, CFO Brett Zane.

Joe Shapira and Alon Carmel, are not listed on the Spark Network website. Some of the information I had initially found online contained errors or was outdated information. The online sources we used fingered Shapira and Carmel as responsible for the pro-intteracial site.