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US Media fakes Obama Berlin speech turnout. News Team

Photo Right: Turks, Africans, and German Socialist push to shake hands with Obama. Berlin is about 8% non-European foreigners.

It was widely reported in the US that 200,000 “Germans” attended a speech by Obama in Berlin. A number that is probably at least double the number of people actually there. What was not reported that most of the people were there to see a huge rock concert not Obama. They also neglected to report that one of the core groups who actually came to see Obama were Muslim Turks. Berlin is 6% Muslim Turks, who are resident aliens.

The German rock band Reamon is extremely popular all over Europe. Their hit single “Supergirl” was the most played song on German radio in 2000. The concert was organized by a group of European Socialists. Obama was made an “honorary member of Reammon” for the night. Obama came out on stage and gave his speech immediately after Reammon stopped playing.

The US media intentionally misrepresented the entire days event to make Obama look good. Will you ever trust the US media again?

The German Rock Reammon. Most of the “Obama Supporters” were actually there to see them play.
[youtube ysG1qmP_OqU]