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US Senate Bill: Let HIV Positive Immigrants In! News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Are you unconvinced that the US Senate is completely out of control?

Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Gordon Smith have attached an amendment to the $50 Billion “Global AIDS Bill,” to remove the ban on letting HIV positive people immigrate to the United States.

People with HIV/AIDS have been barred from immigrating to the US since 1987. It is also currently more difficult to obtain a visa if you are infected.

Sen. John Kerry exposed his stupidity by stating “people with ebola have an easier time than those with HIV when applying for a visa.” No human has ever entered the US with ebola as far as anyone knows. The majority of people who contract ebola die in a very short amount of time. When an outbreak of ebola is detected in Africa, emergency personnel from the UN and IRC swoop in quarantine the entire area and won’t let anyone leave to stop the spread. Too suggest that someone who is hemorrhaging blood from every orifice can get a visa is absurd.

From CNN…

Those with HIV seeking legal permanent residency would still have to demonstrate they have the resources to live in this country and would not become a “public charge.”

Yeah right CNN, does anyone actually believe this crap? The United States government lets immigrants on welfare “sponsor” more immigrants, who immediately go on welfare when they get here. The result of this move would flood US hospitals with 3rd world HIV/AIDS patients. The Americans taxpayers will be paying for it all.

Sen Jeff Session of Alabama is fighting to get the measure removed from the bill. Sessions correctly states that the move would cost taxpayers tens of million within the first few years in hospital bills for infected immigrants.