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Vicious anti-white hate crimes rampant in the US. News Team

Nine or more black male teens pull a white couple off a public bus and beat them. Watch how the media downplays the incident. Imagine if the races were reversed. This would be a major national news story.

[youtube OLhFffetyV0]

[youtube 8118bpJmsYo]

A young white man is beaten into a coma and may never recover. The black perpetrators in this racially motived attack are being slapped on the wrist and it is only a minor news story. Once again, if the races had been reversed this would be a national news story.

[youtube hm-dktCxbMw]

Another white teacher is brutally attacked by a group of black school students.This story has played out in city schools all over the country. You have probably never heard about it on the national news.

[youtube xL8JxrRKcwE]