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Will Bob Barr force McCain to shape up? News Team

Will McCain finally abandon his pro-amnesty rhetoric in face of losing votes to Barr?

(by Kyle Rogers)

While McCain has eaten up Obama’s big leads in national polls of three months ago, he now faces a new roadblock. The surging popularity of 3rd party candidate Bob Barr. He is cutting into McCain’s support among conservatives and independents.

According to Zogby, Barr is polling 6% nationwide. His best state is New Hampshire with 10%. Several states including Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas show a slight lead for McCain, however McCain would likely have a strong lead if it wasn’t for Barr.

Meanwhile a CNN poll suggests that Ralph Nader will take a chunk of Obama support, thus canceling out what Bob Barr takes from McCain. At any rate, if support for Barr grows, McCain will feel a lot of pressure to abandon his pro-Hispanic rhetoric.

Below: Obama and McCain compete over how much they support radical Chicano militants the most. McCain denigrates people who support a secure border during speech.
[youtube h1caARyCadE]