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AOL Poll: Majority of whites bothered by changing demographics. News Team news held a poll concerning the news story that whites would a minority of the US population by 2042.

About 70,000 have participation. 83% of the people who responded said they are white.

From AOL

How do you feel about the changing face of America?

It bothers me 47%
I have mixed feelings 27%
It’s fine by me 26%

(Since 83% of those who voted were white, it is safe to assume that over 50% said it bothered them, and less than 25% said they were fine with it.)

The U.S. has nearly 305 million people today. The population is projected to hit 400 million in 2039 and 439 million in 2050.

That’s like adding all the people from France and Britain, said Steve A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington group that advocates tighter immigration policies.
White non-Hispanics make up about two-thirds of the population, but only 55 percent of those younger than 5.

By 2050, whites will make up 46 percent of the population and blacks will make up 15 percent, a relatively small increase from today. Hispanics, who make up about 15 percent of the population today, will account for 30 percent in 2050, according to the new projections.
Asians, which make up about 5 percent of the population, are projected to increase to 9 percent by 2050.

The population 85 and older is projected to more than triple by 2050, to 19 million.