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Black thugs attack whites on Buffalo subway. News Team

Photo Right: 22 year old Dave Slayton pushed his way into the middle of the violent mob and fought back, allowing the younger victims to escape.

Another brutal racially motivated attack against whites is caught on tape. Savage racially motivated attacks like this against white people are taking place in nearly every major city in America.

The scene is a Buffalo subway. A group of white teenagers are surrounded by a large number of black teenagers. During the long video posted on youtube, the mass of blacks repeatedly surrounds the group of whites and appears to be trying to instigate a fight. Finally a young blond girl is groped, then punched, then half a dozen black males pounce on her beating and groping her. A wave of black thugs overtakes the group of whites, beating and kicking them.

One heroic 22 year old white man in a tie-dyed t-shirt is seen pulling one of the victims out from underneath a pile of black males. He then pushes his way into the center of the vicious mob and appears to be fighting back 6-8 black thugs at once.

Channel 4 Baffalo called the attack “chaos on a train” completely ignoring the fact that it was a racially motivated mob assault. They deliberately edited out the most graphic parts, including the blond girl being attacked.

The fight does not start until 5 or 6 minutes into the youtube video.

[youtube RlaTvjpfVvs]