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Black thugs murder white teacher, media yawns. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Photo Far Right: Sean Ellenberger, the victim.
Photo Right: Titus Hill. Or as the St. Petersburg Times calls him, “aspiring college student.”

Sean Ellenberger, 39 of St. Petersburg, Florida, was mugged and shot to death by a group of black thugs.  Ellenberger, who had a concealed carry permit, drew his own gun and shot back, killing the gunman. Police have apprehended one of two accomplices and charged him with two counts of murder.

Notice how the St. Petersburg Times article pretends like it was a mystery why they mugged at shot the innocent white school teacher. Imagine what they would say if the races were reversed. The same newspaper would be screaming that it was a racially motivated murder. However, since it was a white guy murdered by blacks, the paper and downplays the race of the victim.

Why is the St. Petersburg Times censoring aspects of the crime? To put it simply, three black thugs attacked and murdered this man because they simply wanted to kill a white person.

Read Article from St. Petersburg Times.

Compare this to the story of Robert Diamond. A Jewish man in Philadelphia who murdered two co-workers, one black and one Hispanic, after getting fired. The gunman allegedly felt that he was being harassed by his victims. He walked past other employees leaving them unharmed. Instantaneously, this was a major national news story. Hundreds of newspaper across the country screamed about a white man murdering blacks and Hispanics. Gunman goes on rampage targeting ethnic minorities. Gunman was a “racist.” We saw it on the 24 hour news networks. We got to hear in detail what police found inside the gunman’s house.

What about the white people murdered every single day by blacks in racially motivated killings? Those killings are the last thing the media wants to report.