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Day two of Olympic medal results. News Team

Whites continued to dominate the Olympics today, despite being only a small percentage of the world population. Of the 19 medals given to men, 11 were given to a Caucasian. Out of 25 medals awarded to women, 14 went to Caucasians.

In Basketball, which white people are supposed to be so bad at. Germany’s team of 10 whites and 2 Mulattoes crushed Angola’s all black team. Angola is the only African nation that qualified to participate in Olympic basketball.

Cycling: Road: Women: The vast majority of all the women who participated in this sport were white. Even both of South Africa’s athletes in this sport were white women. The first 15 finishers were white.

Diving: Spring Board: Women: Two person teams from China, Germany, and Russia came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Fencing: Sabre Individuals: Men: 1st place goes to a Negro from France. 2nd and 3rd place go to an Italian and a Spaniard.

Judo: 66kg.: Men: Japan wins. Two medals go to whites. Two go to Orientals.

Judo: 52kg.: Women: The winners are China, North Korea, South Korea, and Algeria.

Shooting: Trap: Men: Yesterday, three Orientals won the men’s air pistol. Today three whites from Czech Republic, Italy, and Russia won.

Shooting: Air Pistol: Women: China, Russia, and Republic of Georgia came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. One Oriental, one Caucasian, and one Eurasian winner.

Swimming: 400m: Men: Three whites, one Hungarian and two Americans won the medals in this event.

Swimming: 400m Freestyle: Men: Korea, China, and the USA. One White and two Orientals.

Swimming: 400m: Women: The winners are from Australia, Zimbabwe, and the United States. All three are white. Ironically, Zimbabwe’s athlete is a blond haired white lady.

Swimming: 400m relay: Women: The winners are the Netherlands, the USA, and Australia. Each has a six person team. Of the 18 women on the three winning teams, 17 are white and one is an Eurasian or Middle Eastern immigrant from the Netherlands.

Weightlifting: 56kg.: Men: China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are the winners.

Weightlifting: 52kg.: Women: Thailand, Korea, and Belarus.

Archery: Women: Three person team competed. The winners are China, Korea, and France.

58% of all the medals awarded in the first two days went to whites.