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Harvard Profs: Mulatto children more attractive than white or black children. News Team

Are Mulattoes really more attractive, or are Liberal Arts Professors just less intelligent (and less honest).
(by Kyle Rogers)

Recently two Harvard Professors and two University of Chicago professors got together to study adolescent behavior in Mulattoes. While they admit that black children are more likely to misbehave than white in some categories, they claim whites are more likely than blacks in others. Something that is not supported by any crime statistics anywhere in the country.

Their conclusions however, are that Mulattoes misbehave more than white or black children. This is far from being a new conclusion. Researchers as far back as the 1850’s wrote in very frank terms that young Mulattoes exhibited the worst behavior and were the most aggressive.

These Professors also conclude that Mulattoes fall in between whites and blacks in academics. Something that is no shock and has been written about for at least over 100 years.

They say Mulatto children are much more likely than whites to have a father who is not around. Oh, big shock there.

Then the eggheads get really wacky. In desperation to come up with something good to say about Mulattoes children, they crown Mulattoes “most attractive.” It really must take a Harvard Ph.D. in liberal arts to come up with such a brain-dead conclusion.

What is true however, is that the vast majority of blacks used in television, movies, and advertisements are Mulattoes, Quadroons (1/4 Black), or even Octaroons (1/8th Black). Black contestants in beauty pageants, including Miss Black USA, tend to be Mulattoes. In national beauty pageants black “celebrity judges,” who have qualifications to judge the pageant, are often added to the panel to ensure that “black” contestants advance.

Photo Right: Halle Berry. Hollywood’s “African American” standard of beauty.

Here we have “super model” Heidi Klum with her daughter. Then we have Heidi Klum’s two boys from her new African boyfriend. According to these Harvard geniuses, the two Mulatto boys should be “more attractive.”