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Immigration Can Kill You, And Eat You. News Team

by Paul Fromm

Chinese Immigrant Hacks Off Sleeping Passenger’s Head on Greyhound

Four years ago, some anonymous immigration officer welcomed Vince Weiguang Li & wife to Canada . . . . .No really. How do these officials sleep at night? What, precisely, was it that clinched Li’s admission? Four years on, Li’s English is described as poor and his work history consists of such nation-building landmarks as serving as night custodian at a church, fork lift Johnnie, McDonald’s cipher, Wal-Mart mop-swinger and newspaper boy. His wife waitresses in Chinese restaurants. Incredibly — or perhaps not so incredibly — this pair qualified to enter under Canada ‘s federal “skilled worker” program.

The pastor of the Winnipeg church where Li did his “custodial” work insists that “church officials vetted Li by talking to people listed on his application as personal references. They also checked for a criminal record. There were no signs of trouble. ‘We are very thorough in our assessments, and there was nothing we could have foreseen.'” (Associated Press, Aug 5, 2008) Perhaps, not surprisingly, this Johnny, well Vince come-lately, had yet no criminal record in Canada . So, all clean. Hey, it’s more than the immigration department managed. Now, about four years too late, Canadian officials are “looking into Li’s background in China.”

What transpired in that disordered brain is unknowable. What is known is that victim Tim McLean, a handsome popular 22 year old, was traveling but not sitting with a female co-worker. (Not an uncommon occurrence; as bus seats open up, people tend to move to a spot where they might stretch out and sleep) “Yesterday, Edmonton radio station 630 CHED reported that McLean had told an Asian man who was hitting on a female co-worker of his on the bus to ‘lay off.'” ( Winnipeg Sun, Aug 6, 2008) Li stabbed the sleeping McLean repeatedly with what was described as a “Rambo-type” knife. As horrified passengers scrambled off the bus, Li proceeded to saw off McLean ’s head and slice off body parts – lips, nose, ears – and begin to ingest them. So, was Li’s murderous rage a racist response to rejection?

A second possibility is this – as Tim McLean traveled, he texted a Winnipeg friend that some people on the bus were doing ecstasy. Was the deranged Mr. Li tripping? A third possibility is this: -On Aug 2, the Chinese language newspaper, World Journal, identified Li as a member of China’s Hui (Moslem) minority. CBC posted and removed this: “A Chinese Muslim, Li expressed to investigators that his actions were motivated by the Koran.” (Did Allah make Li stab the sleeping McLean numerous times and hack off his head?)

This has been pooh-poohed by know-all apologists, but Li was described as an indifferent attendee of the church that paid for his janitorial expertise. Finally, “a U.S. resident who studies crimes committed by Asians … Chen Sun, said if a Chinese-Canadian killed Tim McLean Jr., it may have come following a lifetime of stress brought on by cultural pressure. ‘These violent crimes by generally model minorities are manifestations of a cultural battle,’ said Sun, citing the Virginia Tech massacre [by resident alien Cho Seung-Hui] as an example. ‘These may look like grisly killings from a Western perspective, but to a repressed, slightly mentally disturbed immigrant or first-generation immigrant, their act probably made justified sense.'” ( Edmonton Sun, August 4, 2008) The question remains – should we kick open the doors just because a potential immigrant is willing to live in Canada ?

Of the cannibal and murderer, his Edmonton newspaper delivery boss insists “He was a very nice, polite guy. We would’ve had no reason to let him go before all this happened.” So, no beheading complaints along the paper route then? But Li’s pay check depended on his being nice and polite. He was dismissed from Wal-Mart following a dispute with other employees. In the sickening secrecy that has become so much a part of Canadian society, Wal-Mart employees have been ordered not to discuss Li or his tenure at the China-friendly merchandising giant.

An Edmonton neighbor remembers a selfish man, describing Li as “very unfriendly. … He would never keep the elevator open. The striking characteristic for this guy is that he is really anti-social.” ( Edmonton Journal, Aug 5, 2008) And Li’s problems were evident early on — although not, of course, to the gatekeepers charged with protecting the realm — “‘He was kind of a lost soul. It was as if he was always looking for something,’ a member of a Winnipeg family which befriended Li — even having him over for Christmas dinner two years ago — told the Free Press. … They say Li was clearly battling mental illness, but refused repeated offers to see a doctor and get help. ‘I think, in their culture, (the issue of mental illness) is kind of frowned upon,’ the woman said. [And Canada encourages immigrants to cherry pick the perks while clinging to the old ways they were so desperate to escape.] She works in the mental health field and said it was obvious Li was struggling. ‘He was definitely schizophrenic, probably paranoid schizophrenic,’ she said. ‘He needed help but he just wouldn’t get it.’ There was the constant paranoia, a feeling that he was always being watched and that others might be out to get him. There were his bizarre, rambling stories that seemed to come out of nowhere. And there were the unannounced bus trips that would catch his wife by surprise — such as the time he hopped on a Greyhound headed to The Pas, later explaining that he wanted to look at some land he was thinking about buying. ‘I don’t think he actually had any money. This was probably just a symptom of his disease,’ the woman said. She recalls an unusual conversation with Li shortly after he got a red-light ticket in Winnipeg . ‘He started talking about how they were after me, there was nothing there,’ the woman said.” ( Winnipeg Free Press, August 3, 2008)

Two years ago, for no very clear reason, Li left Winnipeg for Edmonton (his wife only recently followed him out). In the wake of the bloodbath, she has expressed concerns about how her husband’s actions could impact her future. Not even an insincere expression of sympathy for the shattered McLean family – Me first! By every account, Tim McLean was an easy-going, sweet-natured guy; by all accounts, Li was polite and pleasant to whoever was signing the check.
In an unwitting piece of mordant humor, the RCMP would complain that the cannibalism communication (“at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it”) was “not meant for public consumption.” Leaked transmission here. On his arrest, police would relieve Li of a plastic bag containing a human ear, a nose, and part of a mouth.

Yes, poorly screened immigration can kill you. Ask the friends and family of Tim McLean. Somewhere tonight, let’s hope, immigration officials wake up in a cold sweat knowing the mess they’ve made of this country.