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"Immigration Showcase" ends in carnage, 488 arrests. News Team

It was billed as European largest showcase of “Afro” culture. It ended in widespread violence and rioting.


The Notting Hill Carnival, meant to be a “showcase of Britain’s immigrant community and diversity” has ended in carnage, bloody street battles between police and black gangs, which resulted in at least 488 arrests.

Some 11,000 police officers were deployed at the event, costing taxpayers £6 million. They were attacked, glassed, pelted with missiles and confronted all day with everything from knife wielding black hoodlums and drunks, to dangerous dogs.

Knives, a Taser gun, CS spray and a baseball bat were among the weapons seized during the rioting which followed the end of the carnival, billed as Europe’s largest “celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture.”

A total of 488 arrests were made during the event — 330 in the Notting Hill area and 158 around Oval, where police prevented about 160 black youths from south London entering the main carnival area.

Officers bussed 151 of them to south London police stations where they were detained until the carnival was over. Seven were arrested for possession of bladed articles or public order offences.

Police were battered near the centre of the carnival in Ladbroke Grove after 40 black youths attacked them in planned formations for two hours, pelting them with everything they could find, including bottles, bricks, steel bars and other objects. One officer was glassed in the face.

Backup had to be called in the form of fully armoured riot police, who baton-charged the black mob before order was restored.

Witnesses described a ‘war zone’. One witness said: “It was a full-scale riot. Bottles were flying everywhere. Carnival-goers and police officers were bloodied. A policewoman was carried off unconscious.”