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Meet Africa's #1 Swimmer. News Team

Continued Olympic Coverage (by Kyle Rogers)

The media in the United States would have us believe that blacks are superior in sports and that whites are “clumsy” and unathletic. Hollywood pumps out movie after movie about black sports “heroes.” The Federal Government of the United States has sued Polo Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch clothing companies for not using enough black models, forcing them to pay out millions. However, when the NBA puts out all black teams, the EEOC that terrorizes businesses with legal action for not having enough blacks, sees nothing wrong with it. (In the 2004 Olympic two all white teams, and one team with only one black player beat America’s all black Olympic basketball team.)

After day three of the Olympics and medals awarded for dozens of events. Only one Sub-Saharan African country has won any. Kirsty Coventry has won two silver medals in swimming for Zimbabwe. A country her family was run out off and where many would just assume murder her for the color of her skin.

Zimbabwe dictator, a man who has built his political career on anti-white hatred, calls her “a golden girl.”

The truth is Kirsty Coventry officially moved to the United States when she was 18. She has been in the United States for almost seven years. Newspaper reports say that Kirsty even sounds American, and has no accent.

In the late 70’s there were 300,000 whites and the country was called Rhodesia. It was the shining star of sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa. Whites built modern cities. Whites over doubled the average life expectancy of Negroes in Rhodesia. White farmers produced enough food to feed all the inhabitants of the country with enough left over to export all over the world.

In 1997, there were still about 70,000 whites. White owned farms still kept the Negro population fed. Then came Magabe’s land grab of white owned farms. Along with the organized mass murder and forced expulsions of whites. Today there are only about 10,000 whites left. The once ultra-modern farms lay in ruins and the Negro population starves to death. Average life expectancies have plummeted to some of the lowest in Africa.

Opponents of Mugabe’s brutal regime long for the day when whites come back and save them from their misery.

Kirsty Coventry, was Zimbabwe champion High School swimmer. Zimbabwe has now brought her back from exile to compete in the Olympics for the second time.

USAToday’s comical headline on on Kirsty Coventry after she won numerous medals in the Athens Olympics. “Zimbabwe puts aside racial tensions to give hero’s welcome to triple medal winner.” Three medals were won for Zimbabwe in 2004, all by Kirsty.