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NPR vilifies woman for saying she wants a baby with the same heritage. News Team

NPR and PBS are taxpayer subsidized left-wing propaganda machines. This segment on NPR reaches a new low. A woman is actually attacked and vilified because she wants to use a Danish sperm bank instead of an American bank in an attempt to become pregnant. The woman is of Danish decent and says she wants to ensure that her baby “looks like me.”

Scott Simon, a left-wing NPR host attacks the woman over and over, insinuates that she is “racist” and says the woman should “adopt a Guatemalan baby.”

Your tax dollars helped pay for this disgusting broadcast.

Listen to clip.


A reader forwarded this e-mail he sent to Scott Simon.

How dare you insinuate this American woman of Scandinavian decent is “racist” for wanting a baby of the same stock as she. It is most natural, normal, and healthy to want children who physically reflect
oneself, spouse, or both to some degree. In adoption or sperm donor situations, nearly every person wants children who share the same race as themselves: blacks, hispanics, whites, asians – it’s a fairly
universal desire. Then you go on to suggest this woman may not know “what children really are”. What a disgusting and judgmental comment. Do you know the first thing about this woman in order to jump to such a conclusion? I wonder if you have any education… you reason like a child.