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Obama compares ICE to "terrorists" before militant Chicano organization. News Team

NCLR, National Council of the Race, is a militant Chicano organization. They fund Chicano student groups, called MECha, on High Schools and college campuses who’s stated goal is create a Latino/Chicano nation in the American southwest called “Atzlan.” One of MECha slogans is “Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada”, which translates “For the Race, everything, outside the Race, nothing.”

NCLR currently receives money from the Federal government to promote it’s radical militant agenda.

Speaking before this group of militants, Obama claimed that federal immigration police are “terrorizing” the Hispanic community. Obama also claimed that “nursing mothers are torn from their babies.” A statement that is completely, false, incendiary, and without a shred of evidence that it has even happened one time.


The letter from the Association’s National President Art Gordon states: “On behalf of the 26,000 members of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), I take great exception to your disparaging remark, ‘…communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids.’

“While the dedicated men and women of ICE endeavor to carry out their dangerous and noble missions, you somehow felt compelled to characterize their efforts as something akin to terrorizing…

“It’s one thing to remark intelligently on the need for immigration reform, but it’s quite another to berate ICE law enforcement officers who are risking their lives to enforce the laws passed by Congress.”

Charging that Obama and his fellow members of Congress have not passed any “meaningful legislations” on immigration reform, Gordon goes on to say: “Your bi-partisan fumble should not translate into labeling our members as terrorists by implication…

“ICE employs patriotic men and women who are outstanding law enforcement officers, not rampaging home-wreckers.”

Gordon concludes by inviting Obama to meet with FLEOA officers, saying he would come away with an understanding “that those carrying the ICE shield are heroes, and not terrorists.”