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Son of NC Coach slapped on the wrist for armed robberies and shooting. News Team

Sidney Lowe II faced 23 years for dozens of charges including armed robbery, kidnapping, accessory to a shooting, drugs, ect. State sentencing guidelines called for a minimum of 38 months. Instead the judge gave him 15 in a minimum security prison farm.

From NewsObserver…

Coach Lowe testified from the witness stand today for about 25 minutes, often dabbing at tears as he spoke.

“Obviously, I love my son,” the elder Lowe said. “I feel sorry for the victims … but that wasn’t my son. If given an opportunity, if given a second chance, I know he can be a very productive person in society. I ask the court to have mercy on him and give him a second chance.”

The coach agreed with testimony from a doctor on Monday that an NBA career that kept him from home for long stretches may have had a negative effect on his son, who admitted to using drugs after leaving home for college.

Lowe II later addressed the court, apologizing to the victims of the two crimes and to his parents, who sat just behind him in the courtroom.

Lowe II also asked for a second chance, saying, “I do not want to be remembered as Sidney Lowe, armed robber.”

Lowe II’s lawyers, Locke Clifford of Greensboro and Joe Cheshire of Raleigh, each asked Guilford County Superior Court Judge Henry E. Frye Jr. to consider “extraordinary mitigation” in sentencing. They noted Lowe II’s cooperation with police after his arrest, his remorse for the crimes and the strong support group that surrounds him in Raleigh.

Photo Left: Judge Frye decided that Lowe II felt really bad for holding a family hostage at gun point and robbing them, and should be let off easy.