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Western media silent about the man who is poised to take control of South Africa. News Team

Zuma, a genocidal illiterate rapist on trial for corruption, may be the next leader of South African.

(by Kyle Rogers)

In 2006 Zuma became one of the few South African rapists to actually be charged with rape. During the trial, Zuma asserted that based on the clothing that the victim was wearing, it would have been un-gentleman like for him not to rape her. As thousands gathered outside the courthouse, the judges feared they would be lynched for convicting Zuma and dismissed the charges. The victim was granted asylum in the Netherlands. Zuma stated during the trial that he knew the victim had AIDS, but washed his penis off afterwards so he wouldn’t catch the disease.

During the rape trial, Zuma repeatedly sung Lethu Mshini Wami (Bring Me My Machine Guns) with his supporters outside the courthouse. Spokesmen from the ANC Youth League and Communist Party Youth League also spoke to crowds of supporters outside the courthouse.

Zuma is now on trial for corruption. Once again, his supporters are standing by him and the judges are being threatened. The judges in the corruption case have set a date of September 12th to decide whether Zuma is eligible to run against Mbeki for the South African presidency.

Thousands of supporters greeted Zuma as a hero as he left the court yesterday. ANC Youth League President Julius Malema said outside the court he was “prepared to die for Zuma“, who he added was the “target of a political conspiracy” led by Mbeki.

Zuma calls himself a “100% Zulu Boy.” He calls for the confiscation of land and assets owned by white South Africans. Many of his supporters have publicly called for the mass murder of whites. 1% of all South African whites have been murdered since the ANC took power.

A while back reported that a major daily paper in Botswana ran an editorial that called for Zuma to mass murder all the white men and distribute the women to his supporters.

In parts of South Africa, white are already prohibited from participating in many local job markets, reducing the local whites to absolute poverty. The ANC has also barred white people from moving their money outside of South Africa. Many of you can probably think of other regimes that barred a minority group from transferring wealth out of their home country.