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White athletes dominating at the 2008 Olympics. News Team

(Olympic Games coverage by Kyle Rogers)

In the United States we are subjected to a constant belittling and denigrating of white athletic prowess on tv. We professional sports teams that have deliberately cultivated an all black image.

Today’s events:

Cycling. First, second, and third place went to a Spaniard, an Italian, and a Swiss. All white.

Fencing: Women. First, second, and third place all went to American women. All white.

Judo: Four medals, instead of three.

Judo: Mens. First: Korea, Second: Austria, Third: Netherlands & Uzbekistan. At least two are white. There is no photo of the Uzbek athlete available.

Judo: Women. First: Romania, Second: Cuba, Japan, Third: Japan & Argentina. Two out of four are white. The Cuban athlete appears to be of majority Negro background.

Shooting: Air Pistol: Men First: China, Second: South Korea, Third: North Korea.

Shooting: Air Rifle: Women First: Czech Republic, Second: Russia, Third: Croatia. Three out of three are white.

Weightlifting: 48kg.: Women. The three winners were from China, Turkey, and Chinese Taipei. However, the Turkish athlete appears to be of all or mostly Caucasian ancestry.

A total of 23 medals have been awarded so far. 10 to men and 13 to women.

Only about 10% of the world’s population is Caucasian. On top of that, the average age of Caucasian worldwide is much higher than the rest of the world.

On the men’s side 50% of the medals so far have gone to Caucasians, with 40% going to Orientals. The 10th metal going to an Uzbek, who is probably of Eurasian ancestry, but no picture is provided.

On the women’s side, white women totally dominated today. With 9 out of 13 medals going to white women. Three went to Orientals, and one went to a Negro.

61% of all the medals awarded so far went to Caucasians. So much for the “clumsy” white guy who we are supposed to believe is no good at sports.

Olympic basketball starts tomorrow. For the second time in a row, the United States will have an all black team starting lineup. In 2004, America’s all black team was beaten by all white teams from Italy, Lithuania, and also by Argentina who only had one black player. Angola won the African championship for the second time in a row and gets to play in the Olympics. In 2004, Angola was eliminated in the first round.