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African immigrants battle it out on the streets of America. News Team

Diversity fails again. Sudanese and Somali immigrants battle it out on the streets of Grand Island, Nebraska as well as Athens, Greece.

Somalis attacking Sudanese and Sudanese attacking Somalis is “pretty much been an every night deal” on the streets of Grand Island, Nebraska. Read Article. has reported on the Somali community in Columbus, Ohio in the past. This is the largest community of Somali immigrants in the nation. Aside from the fact that virtually all live on some form of welfare and commit rampant crime, there are regular battles between large groups of Somalis and American born Negros. Huge “race riots” break out in the public schools. They beat each other on the buses going to and from school. They hunt for members of the other group to jump after school.

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It was a bloody afternoon as machetes, axes and cutlasses swung from every corner leaving pieces of flesh and puddles of blood on the streets of Omonia in Athens Greece. The Sudanese and Somalians shocked the greek community to their very bones as they killed each other with reckless crudity. It was a scene that could have easily beffited the 3rd Century when barbarism was at its peak.