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Anti-White South African President to resign in disgrace! News Team

Mbeki announced that he will resign as president of South Africa following a “recall” by his own party, the ANC. He will likely be replaced by the even more extreme anti-White Zuma whose supporters demanded that Mbeki step down.

Recently on trial for rape, the polygamist “Zulu Boy” Zuma calls for extreme measures against South Africa’s remaining white population. While on trial for rape, a huge mob of supporters, led by the leadership of the ANC Youth and the South African Communist Party youth, threatened to lynch the judges outside of the courthouse. The Judges found Zuma “innocent” to avoid being murdered by the mob. The rape victim, who also faced a public lynching, was granted asylum in the Netherlands and whisked away to safety.

The UK Independent is falsely reporting that the South African economy has grown under Mbeki’s presidency. In reality, South African has been on a free fall since the end of Apartheid.

South Africa is currently once of the worst murder and rape capitals of the world, and has joined the rest of Sub-Sahara Africa in coming a total basketcase economically.

However, the UK Independent recognizes that South Africa will thrown into even worse turmoil and economic decline under Zuma’s leadership.

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