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AP: Majority of whites view blacks as unfriendly and bad neighbors. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers, exclusive to

A new poll conducted by AP & Yahoo purports to show that if Obama loses the election, it will be the fault of “racism.” No mention however, that blacks voted for Obama in the primaries by over 95%. If McCain loses, will anyone say it is because of anti-white “racism” on the part of blacks?

However some interesting survey data came out of the study, however it is unclear how the data was actually collected.

Whites who describe blacks as “friendly.” Fewer than 25% of white Independants said they would describe blacks as “friendly.” However, fewer than 40% of white Democrats said they would either.

When asked if they would describe blacks as “good neighbors,” only about 35% of white Democrats said they would! All other whites were at lower levels.

Asked if they would described blacks as “smart at everyday things,” even fewer said yes. Only 30% of white Democrats said they would and white Independents are at 20%.

Asked if they would describe blacks as “smart in school,” and it’s lower still. Only about 25% of white Democrats and 17% of white Republicans.

Asked if they would describe blacks as “law abiding,” and still lower. Only about 24% and 14% respectively.

However, if we are to believe that the data is accurate. White people as a whole recoiled at the idea of assigning negative attributes to blacks. When asked if they would describe blacks as “lazy,” “violent,” ect, very few whites did. This would seem to confirm other studies that whites in general do not like to say bad things about other groups of people and are the most altruistic in every study.

While 19% of all whites (probably ones in Idaho and Vermont) said they viewed blacks as “law abiding,” only 20% of whites said they see blacks as “violent.” So the question is what the heck do the other 61% of whites think?

Well, this mimics a study done that used brain waves to determined people’s true attitudes towards blacks. White test subjects would answer questions about race and typically say that they like black, everyone is equal, ect. Then, when shown alternating photographs of people of different races, their brain chemistry indicated a deep seated fear and anxiety response to pictures of black males.

Whites in the study, who identified themselves as Democrats, were proven to be the most hypocritical in the study. They gave survey answer that were the most opposite of what their brain chemistry suggested.

So white attitudes towards blacks are somewhat hard to gauge, because whites in general recoil from saying anything bad about them even when they strongly believe it.

I don’t believe in being afraid to speak your mind. So I will come out and say it. I believe that black people are “violent.” They are 9 times more likely to commit felony murder than whites. They commit over half of all felony murders in the US, even though they only make up 13% of the population. The ratio at which blacks are more violent than whites is equal to the ratio that men are more violent than women.