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Biggest baby boom since Soviet times

From Russia Today

Only a year ago, Russia’s demographic crisis was in the spotlight. The country was depopulating at a rate of 700,000 a year. It drove the government to declare 2008 the year of the family and to come up with policies to boost the birth rate. And results show they seem to be working.

The number of babies born last year jumped to about two million – up 8.3 per cent from the year before and a post-Soviet record. Another piece of good news is that the rate of decline is slowing. Russia is now expected to have 110.1 million people in 2050, up from the 109.4 million projected last year.

New government programmes support first-time mothers as well as working mums willing to have more kids after a certain age. Elena Kondratinskaya is a violinist and plays in an orchestra. She had her first baby at the age of 30 and is now discovering the pros and cons of having a child with government support and encouragement.

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