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Media Onslaught Against Palin. News Team

The FAR-LEFT media bias is out in the open for all to see.

(by Kyle Rogers)

Michelle Obama wrote her thesis on why black people should not integrate with whites and calls herself a “black separationist.” Media never mentions it.

Obama is close friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who one day before 9/11 defended setting off bombs in the United States. Ayers has organized fundraisers for Obama. Media never mentions it.

Obama has an uncle who is a Jihadi, polygamist, warlord in Kenya. Obama actually went to Kenya and campaigned for his uncle in an election. Obama donned traditional Muslim garb while in Kenya. All while a US Senator.

Obama claimed his uncle, on his mothers side, was part of a US unit that liberated Auschwitz. No American set foot in Auschwitz until years after WWII! Media never mentions this lie. CBS News even repeated this obvious made up story, as if it was true. Apparently no one at CNN bothered to look up Auschwitz and see that it is in POLAND!

When Obama ran for US Senator, the Republican incumbent dropped out and didn’t run for re-election. Then the winner of the Republican primary dropped out. Obama campaigned unopposed for months. Finally, Alan Keyes, a black Republican not even from Illinois, was placed on the ballot at the last minute. Obama won by a large margin as most people that he was the only one running.

Sarah Palin beat a Republican incumbent Governor in the primary. Then beat a Democrat former Governor in the General election. Palin defeated two former Governors. Obama beat Alan Keyes. Yet if you listen to the media, Obama is supposedly “more experienced.” Obama’s senate race was the easiest to win in possibly the history of Illinois!

Obama has repeatedly stated that he had to form a coalition of blacks and whites to become a senator in a state that is only 13% black. He pretends like it was a major victory for black people. He doesn’t mention that his Republican opponent was ALSO BLACK! The media lets him tell this story over and over as if it was true and never points out how ludicrous his tall tale really is.

While the national media scrutinizes Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend, no mention of Obama’s warlord uncle. No mention of his polygamist father. No mention of the half-brother who lives in a shack in Africa. Or the other half-brother who lives on welfare in England.

Here is a cheesy fake photo of Sarah Palin. CNN, supposedly our top news source, actually reported that this was a real photo of Sarah Palin.

Moron CNN reporter Lola Ogunnaike, actually stated that this was a real photo. She also stated that the rifle shown in the photo is an “AK-47.” The rifle, which appears to be a very common Winchester 308, does even remotely resemble an “AK-47.”