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Muslim Massacre video game. News Team

Left-wing “Outrage” over homemade video game where you kill Muslims. American should fight Islam, but never say anything bad about it.
(by Kyle Rogers)

You can go to a major department store and buy video games where the object is to murder police officers and pick up prostitutes. However, a homemade video game where Muslim are the enemy is getting all the media “outrage.”

A website that distributes the game is currently offline. However, reviews posted on the internet saying it is quite sophisticated and fun to play. Several major video games, that are now commercially successfully around the world, started out as homemade game distributed for free.

The head villain in the game is Osama Bin Laden and the user plays an “American Hero.” Comments by the creator of the game indicate that it was designed to be an attack on schizophrenic American political correctness.
The United States is fighting two separate wars against Muslims. We have troops operating in a military capacity in a third. We are threatening war against another. There are at least two more Muslim countries that we have strict sanctions and embargoes against. We are arming one militant Islamic group in Gaza to fight against another militant Islamic group that we have deemed to be the worst of two evils. When Israel invaded majority Muslim southern Lebanon (for the third time) a few years ago, Bush ordered that sophisticated bombs be immediately rushed to Israel.

On top of all that, our two biggest Islamic allies are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. American politicians talk openly about a future war with Pakistan and US troops are conducting joint training with Israeli troops to capture Pakistani nuclear weapons! And this is supposed to be “our ally!” Then you have Saudi Arabia, who is in fact the biggest financier of Islamic terrorism overseas! Most of the 9/11 Highjackers were Saudi. Oh, and did I mention that the only two countries in the entire world that recognized the Taliban were US allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan!

Then, in spite of all this. In the face of a US war on Islam stretching from North Africa to the South Pacific, we are told to recite the Bush mantra of “Islam is a religion of Peace.”

I for one think that US foreign policy is being grossly mishandled. However, whether you agree with the US war on Islam or not, you have to admit that the “don’t say anything bad about Muslims” policy is schizophrenic at best!

When has the US or anyone else fought an enemy, but only said nice things about them while doing it?

Where was all this nicety when we were fighting WWII? Words like Japs and Huns seem pretty “insensitive” to me. When the US landed on Normandy beach half or more of the regiments guarding the wall were Slavs and other Eastern European. They weren’t even ethnic Germans, much less Nazi party members. But we universally called anyone in uniform a “Nazi.” American commanders were ordered not to take prisoners so as not to slow the advance. Thousands of surrendering axis soldiers were shot rather than taken prisoner. Something that has always been common in warfare and never apologized for. After the war, something like 200,000 captured Eastern Europeans were transferred to Stalin by the US knowing full well that all of them would be slaughtered. Consider the treatment of POWs back then, to the treatment of Muslim POWs today.

The crackpot multi-cultural attitudes promoted, not just by the leftist media but by the Bush administration itself, is part of a sickness that permeates our entire culture.