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Neanderthal Genome rewrites "Out of Africa" theory. News Team

Photo Right: A cutting edge high tech DNA-based portrait of what “Wilma,” a Neanderthal living tens of thousands of years ago may have looked like. DNA from “Wilma” suggests that some Neanderthals had red hair, and pale skin.

New groundbreaking researching on Neanderthal DNA shows that they had at least some modern human genes associated with higher brain functions.

Neanderthal are re-claiming their title of “proto-Caucasian.” Neanderthals lived in modern day Europe and for decades were refered to as “pro-Caucasian.” However, the “out of Africa” line of theories purports to show that all modern races of homo sapiens are closely related and groups like the Neanderthal died out without influencing any modern population group.

Continued findings of Neanderthal bones and artifacts has largely dispelled previous theories that Neanderthals were primitive cannibals. Archaeologists now believe that Neanderthals had some form of religion and ritualistically prepared their dead for burial. A ritual that was misunderstood by early scientists, with less source material, who mistook ritualistic preparations as evidence of cannibalism.

Neanderthals also made tools and paints.

Cutting edge research for the past ten years continues to show that the development of the modern human races is vastly more complex than the rudimentary “out of Africa” theory. The Neanderthal people may be the origin of many Caucasian features and attributes. Including the origin of red hair, which is a great genetic enigma in and of itself.

Neanderthal Genome.

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