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Ohio State Rep: "Race is the only reason why Ohioans wouldn't vote Obama." News Team

A white left-wing state rep has joined with the throngs of radical black newspapers and radio talk shows is pronouncing that race is the “only” reason anyone would not vote for Obama.

State Rep. Thomas Letson, is a white democrat who beat his Republican incumbent by getting virtually all of the black vote. He represents Warren, Ohio, which is 25% black. By making extremist comments like the one shown below, he is setting the stage for the biggest meltdown in American race relations in history.


With the Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees in the Mahoning Valley today for a rally, two local Democratic state legislators said they believe a main reason polls show a tight race is because of racist voters.

“Race — that’s the only reason people in the Valley won’t vote for him,” said state Rep. Thomas Letson of Warren, D-64th, about Barack Obama, his party’s presidential nominee. “There are 1,000 reasons to vote for Obama and one reason why you won’t — race.”

“Staunch Republicans” who make up 35 percent to 40 percent of the population would never vote for a Democrat regardless of race, Letson said.

It is the independents, the “swing voters” and Democrats who are or will support Republican John McCain who are the “racists,” Letson and state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, said.

So if Obama doesn’t get 60%-65% of the vote in Ohio, it is solely because of “racists!”