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Palin: A problem for Liberal Feminists.

From National Post

Palin is a real problem for the feminists, who are tearing their hair out trying to find a *** in her armour. Her life narrative reads like a 1950s woman of the patriarchy, but her accomplishments are those of a totally emancipated woman who broke through the glass ceiling on her own merits, hard work and determination. You can’t say the same for Hillary, a playbook feminist in theory who rose to eminence on a man’s coattails.

Palin’s contribution to this campaign, if nothing else, is to debunk the myth that it was the patriarchy and traditional values that stopped women from achieving parity in their ambitions with men. Perhaps because the feminist movement has always been a big city, university-educated phenomenon, it bypassed the small towns of America completely. Palin is neither a feminist nor an anti-feminist. She is just authentically herself, with nothing to prove. She wasn’t “Woman, Hear me Roar,” she was “Palin, Hear me Speak.” For forty years we have been hearing feminists moan and groan about the special burden of being a woman in a man’s world. Suddenly here is a woman, with no resentment against men who is handling an amazing career and a big family with total aplomb.

The election campaign is fascinatingly well balanced now. Two of the contenders, McCain and Biden, are the voices of political experience, and two – Obama and Palin – have been catapulted to a shot at the glittering prizes because of race and gender. And now we know that Obama’s main advantage, his eloquence, has found a rival in Palin, not in poetic loftiness, but she has the ability to arouse passion, the kind that motivates people to action.

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