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The Ancient Battle Rages On…

Here on the Political Cesspool we make no secret of our Christian faith. Jesus Christ is the bedrock on which we stand, doing our duty as unprofitable servants.

We’re far from perfect, and don’t claim to be, but when the enemies of our Lord take dead aim for us, we know we’re at least on the right path.

Whether it’s from the anti-Christ ADL or the heterophobes at the Southern Poverty Law Center, or just some self appointed Stalin wannabe, the slings and arrows don’t ever seem to abate.

The age old debate about who killed Christ was brought up again a few years back with Mel Gibson’s The Passion. Abe Foxman raged on about how awful it was that Mr. Gibson would point out the Jew’s role in crucifying Christ.

But it seems to me that the issue is easy to solve. Just look to see who is trying to kill Him now. Who wants any mention of His blessed name removed from public life? Who attacks anyone who stands up for Him?

Can the leopard change his spots, or the Ethiopian his skin?

Well, as the preacher says in Ecclesiastes, there’s nothing new under the sun. They haven’t changed their modus operandi, and we don’t seem to have learned much in 2000 years.

How did they work back then? The same way they do now.

Just like they went through the crowd, stirring them up with “Give us Barabbas,” so they go around today screaming “Hate, hate, hate,” as they try to shut off the slightest whisper of real opposition.

Do you think the average person in the crowd that cried “Crucify Him!” had any more idea of what they were doing than the average person today who gets so lathered up about “hate” or “racism” while their very own neighborhoods are turning into third world hell holes?

How many of those screaming at Pilate that night were doing so just to “fit in” or “go along to get along?” Probably most of them. It was simply the mob mentality at work.

The philosopher Kierkegaard once wrote that “No one as an individual could spit in the face of Christ, but as part of a mob he could crucify Him.” If you’ve ever been around a stirred up mob, you’ve seen how blindly caught up it can become. It can be down right frightening, and deadly.

Well our enemies know how to stir up the mob, how to turn the herd. They don’t call us “cattle” for nothing.

They work ceaselessly to turn us from individuals made in the image of our God into a mindless, stampeding herd of animals. It doesn’t have to be as stark as a raving mob in the streets. It’s so easy to fall in line with the crowd, especially when we live in a complex society where we are for the most part at the mercy of someone else for our basic sustenance.

Kierkegaard also wrote the “God doesn’t see the crowd, He only sees the individual.” We can’t hide in the crowd forever. There comes a day of reckoning for all of us.

So while the enemies of our God and our people rage on, “He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh.” Perhaps that’s why Abe and Mo and the boys are so manic. They can smell the sulfur burning.

We’re thankful for those who have dared stand out from the crowd, who’ve stuck their necks out for years, with little notice or reward.

One man who exemplifies this is Jared Taylor. He has been tirelessly laboring to bring out American Renaissance month after month since before I became a teenager! He has consistently put out a top flight publication, held large conferences in the belly of the beast, and made untold sacrifices for our people. He has also been a mentor to me and a trusted and cherished friend. It is truly an honor to have him appear on our program this week.

Likewise with our other guests, John Tait, author of Plain Truth and Mark Glenn, host of RBN’s Liberty Hour broadcast. These men have supported our program and worked tirelessly to keep alive much needed truths.

We’ll also replay our recent interview with Patrick J. Buchanan, to give our new RBN listeners an added treat and Abe Foxman another case of heartburn.

Of course, the Cesspool wouldn’t be anything without our faithful listening audience. Just like a tree falling in the woods with no one around, without you, we would be laboring in vain.

We do ask those of you that can to spare a few dollars to help support the program. The step up the RBN is a huge boost for us, and will enable us to build an even greater presence. As we build a wider network among fellow travelers in the movement to return our nation to its rightful heirs, we have the chance to build an alternative to the lying mob masters in the mainstream media.

We’ve put together a staff that has lots of ideas and energy to take this to the next level. But we encounter bumps in the road constantly. That’s just life, and we motor on.

But we need your help.

On the heels of our successful launch on RBN, we’ve come under attack again. This time from the folks at Paypal. They’ve told us to remove their links from our website, and threaten to shut down our account if we don’t comply with their vague and PC terms and conditions.

Well, we don’t know why this came about, or who is behind it, but regardless, it is something that we won’t let slow us down. It will be an inconvenience for our listeners who do support us, so we ask that you consider mailing a check or money order with a donation for the time being.  Now that we’ve moved into substantial syndication, we need your support more than ever before to ensure the momentum continues!

We’re putting together a bundle of gifts as a token of appreciation for any of you who will donate $50 or more. The package includes our collectors edition coloring book, an autographed picture of the staff, and a CD containing 25 mp3 file episodes of the Political Cesspool from our pre RBN days.

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Thanks again for your support and understanding.

James Edwards