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ACORN raided for alleged voter fraud in Nevada. News Team

ACORN is an openly Marxist organization that is supported by Obama.

From Washington Post…

Nevada state officials on Tuesday morning raided the Las Vegas office of ACORN as part of an investigation into alleged voter fraud by the organization which conducts voter registration drives nationally in its work with low-income communities.

About seven agents from the offices of the Nevada Secretary of State and Attorney General served a search warrant and removed boxes and computers after being admitted by the landlord, said Bob Walsh, spokesman for Secretary of State Ross Miller. No ACORN staff was present during the raid, he said. Walsh would not describe what prompted the search.

Charles Jackson, a national spokesman for ACORN, said the group would have a response later Tuesday. ACORN stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

In July, the two Nevada state agencies involved in the raid, along with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office for Nevada, formed a task force to target voter registration and election fraud and complaints over voter registration practices, potential voter fraud, and enforcement of laws regarding voter intimidation. The federal agents were not part of Tuesday’s search, Walsh said.

ACORN’s Las Vegas office, Walsh said, registers voters mainly in Clark County.

Registration drives conducted by ACORN in several states are under scrutiny by local elections officials for the accuracy of cards gathered by its workers.

The group also has been the object of heated denunciations from the Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign, which contend the group is attempting to overwhelm election officials with new registrations that are carelessly gathered and would enable unqualified voters to get on the rolls.

“It is very difficult to ascribe any other motive to the activities of ACORN other than to swamp the system with registrations cards” that range from illegible to being drawn from names from telephone listings or other public directories, said RNC Chief Counsel Sean Cairncross. Cairncross spoke during a telephone press conference on another ACORN voter drive in northwest Indiana that local news accounts report is under review by elections officers.