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Breaking AP: Presidential Race nearly dead even. News Team

Prestigious AP-Gfk poll says that McCain is only behind by 1% among likely voters with a 9% still unsure. However, 67% of Americans believe Obama is going to win indicating that the media has grossly distorted his chances. Further, while blacks and whites plan to the polls in force, only 57% of Hispanics polled said they were likely to vote.

While various polls purport to show Obama with a huge lead, the Associated Press says that it is almost dead even. McCain trails by only 1% according to AP with a shocking 9% still unsure. 1% said Bob Barr and 1% said Ralph Nader, while 3% said they refused to answer. The 9% of unsure voters will likely decide the election. Additionally 4% of those planning to vote for Obama or McCain say they could still change their minds.

48% of likely voters say they believe their taxes would rise under Oboma, while 33% of likely voters believe they would rise under McCain. 71% believe McCain has “the right type of experience.” Only 46% said that about Oboma.

The AP says McCain has risen 2% and Obama has dropped 4% since the beginning of October. Many pundits believe that McCain’s popularly will rise as gas prices go down at the pump, because anger at the Bush administration will subside. Crude light closed at $67 a barrel on the NY Mercantile Exchange today. The lowest price in sixteen years. Wholesale gas prices dropped to $1.58. The national average gas price should be under $2.50 by election day.

While blacks plan to vote for Obama by 95% or more, McCain has made huge gains among whites. McCain’s popularity has especially grown among working class whites and rural whites.

Another interesting part. 38% of American’s classified themselves as conservative and 39% as moderates. Only 21% classified themselves as liberals. A section on race indicates that Hispanic as much less likely to show up at polls than blacks and whites.