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Colin Powell Drops A Bombshell

From WVWNews.Net

[Ed.- In Colin Powells autobiography he candidly admits that he shot through the officer ranks and was fast tracked to General because of Affirmative Action. Then Ronald Reagan made him the Affirmative Action National Security Adviser. George H.W. Bush made him the affirmative action Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. George W. Bush made him the affirmative action Secretary of State. Despite being made the one of the most powerful men in America by Republicans, Powell returns the favor by endorsing Oboma because he is black.]

by Andrew Redmond

Colin Powell, the black affirmative action careerist whose color raised him to high level office in both the military and government, has stunned other Republicans, who once embraced the idea of Powell running for President himself, by following the lead of top “black conservatives” and endorsing Barack Obama. Less starstruck or naive observers are unsurprised.

Rush Limbaugh, the rightwing talk radio personality, seemed to understand that Powell’s decision to break ranks with the Republicans was fundamentally based on race. In an email sent to his fans, Limbaugh wrote that “Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race. OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I’ll let you know what I come up with.” Limbaugh expressed the sense of betrayal his brand of conservatives have felt with the defection of Powell, who joins other highly touted “black conservatives” like talkshow host Armstrong Williams and former Congressman Julius Caesar Watts in embracing Obama. “I was also unaware of his dislike for John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia,” Limbaugh whined after Powell said he was worried about what Supreme Court appointments a President John McCain might make. “I guess he also regrets Reagan and Bush making him a four-star [general] and secretary of state and appointing his son to head the FCC. Yes, let’s hear it for transformational figures.” (Powell has called Obama a “transformational figure”).

Limbaugh’s wing of the “conservative movement” long ago embraced the concept of a “postracial” United States and advocated strong measures to win GOP support in black America. It also supported politicians like John McCain who followed the corporate open borders, globalization and free trade agenda. “Conservative” boosting of black mouthpieces was seen as cynical and painful pandering by the white blue collar and middle class Republican base, which overwhelmingly opposes affirmative action, open borders and similar “liberal” causes embraced by the party, which takes such voters for granted.

The Ron Paul campaign, which galvanized traditional conservatives, presented a threat to GOP apparatchiks and forced McCain to address some of the base’s concerns, but was eventually quelled, thanks largely to media co-operation. With a polarizing figure such as Barack Obama as their opponent, as well as with Sarah Palin representing “implicit whiteness,” GOP leaders are smugly looking forward to the base falling into line yet again.

Racial unity is a theme that has not only separated many leading “black conservatives” from their own white conservative sponsors, but also heavily damaged the Democratic special interest coalition, pitting blacks against women. The black/white woman divide has persisted in liberalism since the Civil War, when Frederick Douglass argued with suffragettes over whose rights should be paramount. The 2008 Democratic nomination bloodbath saw a battle for place and privilege that led to Geraldine Ferraro, once the Vice Presidential standard bearer hailed as a heroine of feminist history, being purged from the Hillary Clinton campaign for “racially insensitive” feminist remarks and black “civil rights icon” John Lewis knifing Clinton and switching to the Obama camp after being lambasted by other blacks as a “race traitor.”

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